Pangea is a short documentary taking us on a personal journey across 3 continents. At the beginning of her journey Jasmina, the filmmaker, wrote down a question which travelled with her on a trans siberian train to Russia, where she asked a stranger to answer it. He then wrote down his own question that she brought with her to another country and gave it to the next person she met. She travelled for 6 months, documenting the journey and gathering questions and answers from people around the world.

“Changing Tides”. Directed, edited and shot by Jasmina Jasinska and Mia Mullarkey
Inishturk is a small, remote island off the west coast of Ireland. In this short documentary we meet the diminishing population who reveal their fears and hopes for the island’s future.

“The Ilen”
The last wooden sailing ship in Ireland is restored by Ireland’s few remaining shipwrights. Using different timber from around the world, the beautiful old ship is rebuilt as the men ponder the future of their craft and of wood as a building material.
Writer & Director: Mia Mullarkey, Director of Potography by Jasmina Jasinska, Music by Anna Mullarkey

“Primeval Forest”
Puszcza Bialowieska is one of the last remaining parts of the immense primeval forest that once stretched across the European Plain. In this short documentary we meet people who care deeply about that special place and are concerned about it’s future.